We have a variety of tools to suit a variety cases.

We may suggest the Neurofield as part of your neurofeedback session if your symptoms are long-standing, or if the pattern is particularly stubborn.

It is part of our service, and is included in the session price.

The Neurofield is available on our retreats and in the London clinic, and (under special circumstances) at home.

The Neurofield

The Neurofield uses a tiny electric field (pEMF), at about the same field strength as a headphone speaker.

It is 20 million times weaker than medical brain stimulation, and does not induce a current into the brain or de-polarise neurones as the medical devices do. It uses precision and finesse rather than muscle to achieve results.

The Neurofield works under similar principles to the popular Thync headset, though with far more flexibility and sophistication.

More on the Neurofield website here...

Neurofield Sessions

The Neurofield sessions are similar to the neurofeedback sessions. The only difference is, we place another cap and some pads on top of the 19 sensor EEG cap.

The Neurofield and our 3D neurofeedback software work together; they talk to each other, working hand-in-hand.

We put on some music or a video, while you relax.


The Neurofield uses a technique called neurosignaling.

The Neuro-signal ‘mimics’ brainwave activity, subtly encouraging or disrupting specific brainwaves in specific areas. It can encourage firmly entrenched brainwave patterns to become more flexible, or help build activity in areas that may be deficient.

It exercise the brain to be more dynamic, and more responsive to neurofeedback.


The Neurofield is our preferred method for Infra-Low frequency training (brainwaves at less than .5Hz), allowing us to efficiently train the deep, underlying rhythms of the brain. more...